Chess : The Oh My God Trap

Andrew explains the Oh My God Trap

This is a trick opening that Black uses sometimes. It is not a very good opening as long as
White knows how to deal with it, so I don't recommend it for Black. However, if you are White,
you should be aware of it so that you don't fall into the trap if Black plays it against you.


A normal opening so far...

This takes the guard off black's e5 pawn.
At this point, Black (rather naughtily)
whispers to himself (just loud enough for
White to overhear) "Oh my God", as if he
had made a mistake taking the guard off
his e5 pawn. [Hence the name of the trap!].

Here White falls for the trap and takes the
pawn. Black then brings his queen out.
This threatens the White knight and
White's g pawn but it also leaves a further
trap as Black's f pawn now looks weak.

White gets drawn further in. He takes
Black's f pawn thinking he is forking both
the Black queen and the Black rook. Black
then takes White's g pawn.
6.Rf1Qe4 check

White begins to realise how serious it is
but he still thinks he can defend. He
moves his rook, which is being attacked,
next to his king. Black's queen now takes
the e pawn with check. White sees that if
he puts his queen in the way at e2 it will
be taken by Black's knight. So he puts his
bishop in the way.
7.Be2Nf3 Mate!

Black now completes the trap with a nice
little knight to f3 checkmate! The bishop
can't take the knight because then the
king would be in check from Black's queen.

In this trap, Black tricked white into moving his pieces away from the King, which left the king too exposed.
To see how we tried to make use of this to catch the ice smugglers on Phobos you will need to buy the book!

If you're wondering what White should do, he should take the knight on d4 at move 4, not the pawn on e5. Then Black will have to recapture with his e pawn. This will leave Black with a weak pawn on d4 and White well ahead in the development.

Happy Chess playing.


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