Mars: - Home of The Triple A's

This is Mars, our home.

We live in Viking City near the equator of Mars. It is a series of large plastic domes and connecting passages and air locks which cover all the buildings that make up our town.

It's called Viking City after one of the first space craft from Earth which landed near here in 1977 and sent back pictures. There are three other such 'cities' on Mars and a number of smaller research stations but Viking City is the largest.

Here are some facts about Mars

Distance from the Sun228,000,000 km
Closest distance to Earth56,000,000 km
Furthest distance from Earth400,000,000 km
Mass (Earth = 1)0.11
Radius (Earth = 1)0.53
Length of Day on Mars24.6 Earth Hours
Length of Year on Mars1.88 Earth Years
GravityOne third of Earth
Moons 2Demios and Phobos
Temperature Range-87C to 17C
Atmosphere (very thin)Carbon dioxide, nitrogen & other trace gasses

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